The process is always the same. You start with an idea, a dream, or something that you know will change the world. Then you sit down and draw. Sketch hundreds thumbnails and think of every possibility. You may already have achieved this, and have a solid plan, we can help from there. In today's industry professional CAD Drawings are a must, even if its for simple patenting, or full out manufacturing. We can take a sketch and turn it into a product. Once the drawings are approved you can do many things. Print 3-d prototypes, send off to a machine shop for fabrication, send to mass production, or take for patenting and sales. You can take the CAD files and turn them into full color renderings and impress your clients before ever turning on a tool, other than a computer!

Personal Business Card Holder

with Business Cards, Notepad, Tape, & Pen

Watering Can for Elderly or Handicapped



More Coming Soon!