No two companies are alike.

We offer different packages to fit different clients. We know that a company that you have started, and put your entire life into, is different than a new start up LLC. By working through our online forms, we will help to achieve your goal - small or large. We will stand by you as your direct contact for any marketing, graphics, and design work.
Download "Brand ME!" Form Here!!

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Download "Brand ME!" Form Here!!

The Process

1. Fill out "Brand ME!" Form.

Make sure to take some time aside and fill this out to the fullest! The more info that you can relay to us, the quicker we can get you a final product. Download the "Brand ME!" form, and e-mail it back with "Brand ME!" in the Subject line to
And we will go from there. Download Brand ME! Form Here!!

2. Sample Proof Set #1.

After we review your "Brand ME!" form, we will take notes and start concepts. We will sketch, draw, scratch, and use software to create a very diverse proof set. This is only a starting point! We will shoot you an e-mail with a .PDF file of 8 numbered logo concepts. From here you will critique our work. Be as detailed as you can, and be sure to reference all numbers. You can tell us what you like from some and what you don't from others. If you absolutely do not like some, point it out as much as the ones you are swaying towards. Its okay to take pieces from ones, and parts from others to give us some more insight on what your liking.

3. Refined Proof Set#2

We will take in your critique, and go back to the drawing board. Most of the time, at this point we are moving in a steady direction. We will create a set of 8 additional logo sets for you to review. Like before, tear them apart, and we will get there quicker.
Send us back your thoughts and we are almost there!

4. Final Proof

We will review all information on our end again, then, put together 4 final logo sets. These will be pretty similar, with minor changes to see them next to each other. Pick one, and its yours. Review our packages to see which one fits best for you. Once you have a solid Logo, the sky is the limit to marketing.

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Company owner and founder Jeff Nelson of Olympia Washington was referred to B.St.Design to create a logo for his catering company. Now EZ Foods has a web page, branding package, and awesome BBQ Sauce Line.

Jeff Nelson - EZ Foods Olympia