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We are there for you. We are new and on top of the latest technology, trends, and software that the industry has to offer!

B.ST.Design is here to help you make your business stand out and have a modern edge that sells itself. You don't have to spend thousands of dollars on huge marketing schemes. Focus on one step at a time, and evolve your business appearance over time. First get a flashy new Logo, to get attention. Then, easily add a set of business cards. When you think it's time, and people start seeing and asking about your new look, then add as many components as needed. A Home Page, Landing page, or Web Page is KEY to a successful business today.

  • Full Business Branding Packages
  • Marketing, Web Design, & Signage
  • Graphics, Logo, and More
  • Prototypes, CAD drawings, CNC programming
  • Sketching, Concepting, Product Design
  • Artistic Design, Photo Editing, and more!!

B. St. Design LLC

Image 1 Our "Online" Approach There is no need to meet...that is, face to face! Our goal at B.St.Design is to be able to offer a solution for small businesses to excel without the huge expense and timely meetings. If needed, we'll meet - however, we have developed a complex set of Client Bio/Info Forms, elaborate e-mail follow-ups, and scheduled phone conversations that allow us to exceed all of your expectations using technology, instead of gas and mileage!
Image 2 Contact Us Today! Call any time; day or night! We are here to help you, and sometimes things can't wait! Call anytime and we will answer or get back to you within 24 hours. Unlike most companies, we work on demand, therefore have no set business hours. Call now... 785.282.1193
Image 3 E-mail or Chat E-mails and chat conversations are a great way to get large and small amounts of information across. Also, messages are saved for simple future referencing. It's nice to have the answer already there!
Image 4 Technical Issues? If you are having problems with your website, server,
e-mail, or have any other urgent messages, please use this form to better assist us in getting you back online.


image EZ Foods Olympia - Flash
image Empire Dokha - HTML
image Hawaiian Organic Wick - Landing